multilayer insulated Tools for live working up to 1000 V

We offer a wide range of safety and special tools that can be classified as follows:

  • Insulated VDE safety tools, tools 1000 V according to IEC/EN60900:2012

    We offer a wide range of insulated VDE safety tools, tools according to IEC/EN60900 and
    protective equipment for working on live parts up to 1000 V.

    The VDE Tools and Tools 1000 V are unit-tested with a test voltage of 10,000 volts and are suitable for working on live parts up to 1,000 volts.

  • Safety tools for telegraph construction – Come Along Clamps, Pulley Blocks, Climbing Irons and Wire stretcheres

    Whether for emergency rescue in elevators, working on windy telegraph poles, assisting with rope tensioning or
    in the leisure sector.
    Our safety tools are extremely resilient and versatile.

  • Proofed Quality


The Company ISOTOOLS has been in existence for more than 35 Years.
Your partner for high-quality, insulated safety tools for working on live parts up to 1000 V.
We also offer a wide range of PPE (personal protective equipment).

Special Tools for Telegraph Construction round off our portfolio.

The company’s location in Wuppertal has proven to be ideal, as tool production has a long tradition
in the city triangle of Wuppertal, Remscheid and Solingen.
The close proximity to the production partners ensures short distances and high quality “Made in Germany”.
As an authorized and approved exporter supplies ISOTOOLS to over 90 countries worldwide.

Our Customers 

Our Customers include electricity supply companies, users from all areas of the automotive industry, rail and local transport companies, national and multinational companies from a wide range of sectors, public companies as well as re-consumers and end consumers.

Competence and Know how

The basis for experience, competence and know-how is the many years of work of our employees at home and abroad. This means that our technical contacts speak your language. ISOTOOLS works in a customer-oriented and innovative way.

Progress and innovation

The basis for experience, expertise and know-how is ISOTOOLS’ many years of further development.
This means that our technical contacts speak your language.
ISOTOOLS works in a customer-orientated and innovative way.


The motto“So you don’t get hit aims to guarantee the greatest possible security for our customers.
In addition to supplying safety tools and tools for telegraph construction, our employees
not only offer pre-sales advice, but also provide fast, qualified support and service as a long-term partner.

Corporate goals

This characterizes our company:

  • Highest quality safety tools, special tools, protective equipment, PPE
  • The satisfied customer
  • Expert advice and customized product solutions
  • Continuous monitoring of VDE standards, VDE/IEC60900:2012/EN60900:2012, TÜV 9001:2008
  • The vibrant corporate culture

An important corporate resource is a corporate culture characterized by openness, communication, competence and tradition.
This characterizes our internal teamwork and cooperation with our Customers.

As with our customers, we also rely on a long-term, strategic partnership in our relationship with our employees.
Our qualified staff can be deployed worldwide and their expertise guarantees quality and continuity.